Spotting Simulator

Alucast’s catenary design software is a powerful and complete software for automatic design of overhead contact line and checking the correctness or incorrectness of a designed catenary design. It designs the optimized catenary design according to environment condition (maximum and minimum temperature, wind speed, etc.), line's topography (route radius, position of poles, span length, etc.) and overhead contact line specifications (stagger, tensile force for contact and catenary wires, geometry of the array, etc.). The software is able to survey all necessary parameters and international standards in the field of electrical railway for an accomplished catenary design in terms of overhead contact line and monitoring of the all technical errors.


The same software is designed by big companies in all of the world at the field of OCS for spotting poles, mechanical calculations, dropper length and etc.

Spanish acronym for CaLculo de P´endolas has designed the same software that because of using it, the company saves about one million euros per 100km installed, on the basis of its own estimations.

Applications and abilities of software

- Spotting poles
- Determining of elasticity
- Determining of speed allowed
- Deleting a pole or adding a new pole
- Turning route on basis real coordinate of route
- Determining of contact wire deflection allowed
- Adjusting coordinate of project as local x and y
- Determining of diameter, material and tension of wires
- Approving or ejecting an OCS design and ability of edit
- Changing coordinate, zigzag and other specifications of poles manually

Input Data

Route parameters
- Track status
- Track curve characteristic
- As kilometer and radius of route
OCS data
- Zigzag
- Chainage of route
- Midpoint and Fixpoint
- Distance between pole axes of route center


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