Dynamic Simulation

Increasing the train speed is one of the most important issues in OCS that it needs more accurate calculations for catenary system. Verifying a catenary system for a considered speed is performed through two ways:

1) Test in real scale (A Costly and time-consuming way)
2) Simulating interaction between catenary system and pantograph

So for designing an OCS and verifying it, simulating interaction between pantograph and catenary system is necessary. Contact between pantograph and catenary system is an important section in the field of transition of power in trains with high speed. Moreover, forecasting exact behavior of elasticity is possible only through dynamic simulation that it shows other aspect of importance of dynamic simulation in OCS. At the papers, it is mentioned to importance and complexity of dynamic simulation times. For validating the simulation, it needs to satisfy EN 50318 standard. The Alucast company is achieved this job by insisting on Iranian young engineers.

Applications and ability of software

- Vertical contact force between pantograph and the point of contact wire
- Maximum and minimum vertical displacement of the point of contact wire
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