Quality Control and Laboratory

Quality Control

Quality control unit of Alucast Iran company by taking advantages of its expert group in various stage of production, perform control operation respect to standards and designing plans on all of the produced equipment. Quality control of equipment is perform using precise measuring instruments that these instruments are being inspected and calibrated in authorized organization.


Alucast Iran company took effective steps aiming at equipping laboratory facilities and performing mechanical and electrical test in order to increase the quality of products. Stablishing an equipped laboratory and performing mechanical and electrical tests in the location of company was carried out by laboratory team of company. Following test are performed in the location of company laboratory using facilities and modern equipment respect to BS, IEC and ASTM standards.

• Mechanical tension test up to 80Tons, pressure and Slip test

• Heat cycle test

• Magnetic test

• Spacer damper & stock bridge damper (Fatigue Test)

• Hardness test

• Resistance test up to 0.1  precision

• Thickness test of zinc up to 0.1 micron precision

In addition to aforementioned tests, Alucast Iran company is planned for the construction and procurement of the required equipment that is expected to be continued for future years.

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