Metallurgical Engineering

Materials engineering unit's effort by relaying on knowledge and experience of specialists in designing, production and selection of iron alloys (Cast Iron-Steel) and non-iron alloys (Aluminum Alloys-Copper-Zinc).

In manufacturing of equipment related software and controlling and testing methods are being used. Also, materials engineering unit is able to manufacture products with optimized mechanical, physical and metallurgical properties. Some the unit's abilities are as follow:


• Simulation of casting product using Precast software with the ability of casting cast iron (Gray and Ductile), copper alloys (Brass and Bronze Specially Aluminum Bronze), aluminum and zinc alloy (Zamak).

• Element analysis of iron and non-iron manufactured products using spectrometry (Quanto).

• Metallography of all iron and non-iron products.

- Steels
- Cast Iron
- Aluminum Alloys
- Copper Alloys - Aluminum Bronze

• Mechanical test including tensile - impact testing and hardness with Brinell and Rockwell methods.

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