Due to long-term experience of manufacturing unit of Alucast Iran company in production of fittings, this company is known as the first and most experienced equipment producer of overhead line. Respect to historical records of this company in terms of engineering and production of equipment, Alucast Iran company is considered as style owner and expert producer that hold this position according to experienced personnel and engineers One of the most important priority of Alucast Iran company to competitor companies is its integration of production process that is performed entirely by Alucast Iran team. This fact causes flexibility and controllability in production process that all of the production process including calculations, design, molding, construction and test of structure are performed in Alucast Iran company and all of the step are changeable and controllable.

Regarding to aforementioned subjects it is claimable that Alucast Iran company is able to produce high quality products in lowest possible time. In Alucast Iran company production process moreover to engineering are: Modeling, Molding, Casting, Machining, forging, hot galvanizing, grinding, shot blast, cleaning, CNC cutting and assembly.

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