Electrical Engineering

Electrical R&D team is divided into three sub units that consists of power electronics, power system and power system protection. Respect to knowledge variety of electrical unit, this team is able to cover every related subjects to electrical railway and solve its problems.
Calculation of system elements and elements sizing is one of the most important aspects in electrical railway. This calculation should be done considering every possible situation such as errors and transients. This should be noted that without using accurate calculations with the use of exact model of the system and consideration of environmental condition and system headway that is being operated using Alucast Iran local software, selection of equipment and demanded power from network will be impossible.

Using calculations and national and international standards in order to selection of appropriate equipment respect to environmental condition and utilization of the system that can be achieved using recent science and experience. In Alucast Iran company, electrical team provide link among other groups, company's manager and manager of the project. In addition to aforementioned cases, it's necessary for electrical engineers to consider environmental matters in order to prevent irreparable damages.


BBA Traction Simulator Software

BBA Traction Simulator was designed and developed by Research and Development (R&D) group of Alucast Iran company. This software allows engineers of electrical railway to simulate the electrical traction system dynamically and electrically. The main usage of this software is in the planning of system for the topics such as operational planning, rail traffic, optimal allocation of traction substations, sizing of substations and cables and etc. with respect to normal operation and contingencies.

Applications of software

System planning

- Providing the operational planning and time table
- Providing the exchanged power with the national electric network (24 hours)
- Siting and sizing of substations
- Cable sizing
- Selection of appropriate types of equipment such as autotransformers, transformers, rectifiers, section isolators and etc.
- Adequacy assessment of system and redesign it if is not adequate.
- Providing the regenerated energy and the power losses.

Protection and Reliability

- Providing the rail potential at any time and comparison with the safe value given by EN 50122-1.
- Ability to maneuver in network by switching the section isolators.
- Providing the relays setting information.
- Analysis of substation failure scenarios.


BBA Traction Simulator runs two types of simulations for each project:

• Dynamic simulation

Dynamic calculation runs by using of rolling stock, rout and timing parameters exclusive of the electrification criteria. The main outputs of this calculations are the time table diagram and electric power consumption profile. It’s worth mentioning that speed profile and acceleration profile of each types of operational plan such as (normal, express, local and etc.) are obtains from this calculation.

• Electric Simulations

Electric simulation or power flow calculation execute in special time steps by using the electrification criteria. Actually, in these calculations with respect to time table diagram and electric power consumption profile that obtained from dynamic calculations. The main outputs of this calculation are the pantograph voltage, substation’s electrical power, rail potential and current profile of conductors.

Software Validation

Alucast Iran is the first Iranian company in the field of railway electrification and do simultaneously all levels such as design, production and installation, started to develop the traction simulation software from 1394. For validating the software, some simulations that have been done by reputable companies like Ardanuy, Secheron and Systra are compared. it should be noted that the difference in results is about less than two percent. Also to ensure the results, they were compared with the real network measured in the control room of the direction Sadeghie to Golshahr. In this case the deviation from real amounts is less than three percent.

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