Introduction of Alucast Iran Company

Alucast Iran Company with a history of 40 years, is one of the biggest company in terms of engineering and manufacture of high and mid voltage networks' fittings that technically start to OCS design & manufacturing electrical railway's overhead network fittings, since 1998. initially, this company start to manufacture spare fittings in order to renew electrical railway overhead network of Tabriz - Jolfa and Tehran subway that gradually covered other subway companies. Respectfully, this company cooperates with companies like; Tehran Urban Railway, Azarbaijan Railway, Mashhad Urban Railway, Shiraz Urban Railway, Tabriz Urban Railway and Tehran Trolley Bus, right now.

Respect to major need in development of electrical railway industry's infrastructure in Iran, Alucast Iran company formed and completed its personnel by using professionals in Urban Railway companies, National Subway Companies, Tehran Trolley Bus and bring together young talented engineers and also by cooperating with qualified and experienced Spanish company. By relaying on its experience in manufacturing high-voltage transmission networks, distribution, subway and trolley bus fittings' parts, proceed to participate in railway tenders.

So far, we have undertaken engineering, manufacturing, installation and installation supervision project contracts and we are able to engineer, design, manufacture equipment's and installation of electrification railway projects.

Due to feeling the need of promotion and implementation in electrical railways of urban and between urban transportation industry. Alucast Iran company announce its readiness to implement railway, subway, trolley bus and tramway projects, according to international standards. We are willing that authorities acknowledge their kind acceptance cooperating and valuable support with this local company that brought this industry to this stage using ability of children of this land.


Factory of the Alucast Iran company (Pvt.) is located in Tabriz, Iran. This company is registered on November 18, 1976 in Registration Office and Industrial Property Organization of Tabriz. Alucast Iran company began its activities since 1977 by establishment certification and this company's operation starts on February 20, 1980 with certification number 161. Companies center is transferred to Tehran's Registration Office on January 08, 1986 with the number of 58792. Alucast Iran Company is pioneer in design and construction of transmission lines' connections, electrical railways overhead network and industrial equipment's casting. Manufacturing high quality products in lowest possible time with the lowest cost is one of the most significant potentials of this company that is being reached not only by using local engineering, precise and update equipment and control of manufacturing process but also by latest international knowledge. Alucast Iran Company with the leadership of is the biggest company in terms of producing overhead connections of electrical railway in Iran

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